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Jacarta is a leading UK developer and supplier of IT environment and power monitoring systems for the data centre, IT computer room, retail, financial and domestic market sectors. The iMeter is a unique retrofit clip-on device for basic PDUs that can monitor voltage and amperages being drawn through the PDUs and report to the interSepter iMeter central data logging station. iMeter can be retrofitted to any existing PDU installation and provides a viable alternative to Smart Power Distribution Units.

interSeptor and interSeptor Pro systems are designed for data centres, IT rooms and server racks and can be used to monitor temperature, humidity, water, smoke, security and power. ZonePod can be used for compete room environmental monitoring and PowerFox8 for the monitoring and control of devices within rack environment. Text and email alerts and SNMP reporting are standard features of the Jacarta IT environment monitoring systems.

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