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Network UPS Systems for servers and complete local area networks (LANs or WANs). EcoPowerSupplies UPS in this collection can be used to protect individual, clustered, RAID and network file servers and even complete local area networks. The uninterruptible power supplies featured here will provide battery runtime when the mains power supply fails from an internal battery pack and/or extended runtime battery packs. When mains power is present they will also provide filtering and conditioning from electrical pollution and disturbances.

When sizing uninterruptible power supplies for LANs and network servers remember to allow for enough output sockets to power and size the UPS accordingly for all associated peripherals including switches, hubs and routers. The UPS will generally provide IEC output sockets from which extension leads or PDUs (power distribution units) can be connected that have an IEC plug.

Assuming 300W for a server, the following table provides some guidance on which UPS size to select.

UPS Size Servers
500VA 1
1000VA 2
1500VA 3
2000VA 4
2500VA 5
3000VA 6

To select the right UPS for a long back-up runtime see our Extended Runtime UPS collection. For more information see our UPS system technologies page to learn more about the types of UPS on this page.

Network server UPS can be floor standing or rackmount in format with some offering a dual feature that allows them to be installed in either format, normally with a front panel display that can rotate to accommodate the installation type. EcoPowerSupplies can ship an off-the-shelf box for your network server installation or provide a complete electrical installation and commissioning service.

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Power Protection Notes For Network Server Applications

The best form of protection for LANs and network servers is an on-line uninterruptible power supply. This features a built-in automatic transfer switch which will transfer connected loads to the mains supply should the UPS output fail due to an internal fault. The transfer provides what is known as fail-safe-to-mains feature that is not present with the lower cost Line Interactive UPS systems. Line interactive UPS also tend to provide less protection in terms of mains power filtering and conditioning, and this is reflected in their prices compared to On-line uninterruptible power supplies.