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UPS and Generator Load Bank Testing

Load banks testing

Load bank testing from EcoPowerSupplies can be a vital testing element within a UPS or generator commissioning service and as part of any preventative maintenance for a large system. Load bank testing is the only way to guarantee that a UPS or generator, or combination of the two can support essential and non-essential loads and provide mission critical power protection.

Load banks simply place a dummy or substitute load onto the power protection device and associated LV switchgear, cabling and bypasses. This testing load is usually a resistive type that allows a commissioning or maintenance engineer to perform a series of tests and make measurements to identify potential areas for failure and weakness. The process of load bank testing, removes any risk from the actual critical load, and ensures the integrity of the power protection system before it is brought into active service. Load bank testing can also be used to discharge a battery set to determine the actual battery runtime available.

Load bank testing provides a number of benefits:

  • Simulated load tests of power protection system integrity
  • Battery discharge tests to confirm battery integrity and calculated runtimes
  • Mobile load banks with full logistics support available for nationwide sites
  • Site planned testing in normal working hours or outside hours
  • Controlled testing procedures with documented results