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Riello 160kVA Master MPS UPS MPT 0m runtime

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  • The Riello Master MPS series MPT160kVA/144kW UPS is a 3/3 configured three-phase input/output transformer-based online double-conversion (VFI SS 111 – IEC EN 62040-3) uninterruptible power supply providing robust power protection and galvanic isolation. The UPS has a 6-pulse thyristor-based rectifier with options for a 12-pulse thyristor-based rectifier and harmonic filters. The battery is supplied in a matching battery extension cabinet or on a stand (cladded or open).

    Master MPS is suitable for a wide range of applications including IT and the most demanding industrial environments. The UPS is suitable for power capacitive loads such as blade servers, from 0.9 leading to 0.8 lagging. With a broad range of accessories and options, complex configurations and system architectures can be achieved to guarantee maximum power availability and the option to add new UPS without interruption to existing installation. Applications include: datacentres, industrial processes, telecommunications, security, hospital and medical applications.

    Battery care system: the batteries are charged by the rectifier; when mains power fails, the UPS uses this energy source to power the inverter. The Riello UPS battery care system consists of a series of functions designed to optimise battery management and achieve the best performance and operating life possible. Master MPS is compatible with different battery technologies: vented open lead acid, VRLA AGM, Gel, NiCd, Flywheels, Supercaps and Lithium.

    Riello Master MPS MPT 160kVA UPS

    Battery Runtime Cabinets

    These are sample battery runtimes available for the MPT 160kVA UPS system using 10 year design life batteries. Cladded and open stands are also available. A battery transition box/battery isolator may also be required.

    Runtime Cabinet WxDxHmm Nett Kg
    15m 2xBB1900 396-L8 860×800×1900 1300
    19m 2xBB1900 396-L9 860×800×1900 1400

    For other runtimes or more information please contact the Eco Power Projects team.

    Advanced communications

    • TeleNetGuard: compatible for remote monitoring
    • Software: advanced multi-platform communications with all operating systems and network environments using PowerShield3 monitoring and shutdown software included for Windows operating systems 8, 7, Hyper-V, 2012, 2008, and previous versions, Mac OS X, Linux, VMWare ESXi, Citrix XenServer and other Unix operating systems
    • Communications: double RS232 serial ports included
    • Communications Slots: 3 cards can be added for optional communications accessories including network adapters, potential free contacts and Modbus
    • REPO Remote Emergency Power Off: for switching the UPS off via a remote emergency button
    • Contacts: Input for the connection of the auxiliary contact of an external manual bypass and contact for for synchronisation from an external source
    • LCD: graphic display panel for remote connection

    Maximum reliability and availability

    • Distributed or Cntralised Parallel Configuration: up to 8 units per redundant (N+1) or power parallel system. Parallel configurations using models with different power ratings are also possible
    • Hot System Expansion (HSE): allows the addition of a further UPS into an existing system, without the need to switch off the existing UPS or transfer to bypass mode. Guarantees maximum load protection, even during maintenance and system expansion
    • Maximum levels of availability, even in the event of an interruption to the parallel bus cable: the system is fault tolerant and is not affected by connection cable faults. The system continue to power the load without disruption and signals an alarm condition
    • Efficiency Control System (ECS): a system to optimise the operating efficiency of parallel systems, according to the power required by the load. N +1 redundancy is guaranteed, with every UPS working in parallel at the best load level possible to achieve higher overall efficiency.


    • UPS Group Synchroniser (UGS): allows two or more non-parallel UPS devices to remain synchronised even during mains power failure. The UGS also enables a Riello Master UPS to be synchronised with another power source, independent and with a different power rating
    • Parallel Systems Joiner (PSJ): allows two UPS groups to be connected in parallel, in the event of maintenance (with no interruption to the output), using a power coupling switch. Should one of the UPS in one of the parallel groups fail, it is automatically excluded. The PSJ connects the remaining UPS, to the other parallel group via an external bypass, in order to continue to guarantee load redundancy
  • SKU MPT160
    Power 160kVA/144kW
    Runtime Battery options in a matching cabinet or on a stand VRLA Lead Acid AGM / GEL batteries, NiCd or Lithium-ion batteries, Supercaps or Flywheel.
    Input Connection Hardwired terminals, bottom entry standard, top entry cabinet option
    Input Voltage 380/400/415Vac 3phase, 45-65Hz
    Output Connection Hardwired terminals, bottom entry standard, top entry cabinet option
    Output Voltage 380/400/415Vac 3phase+N +/-1%, 50 or 60Hz +/- 0.05%
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 800x800x1900mm
    Nett Weight 690Kg
    Delivery Time Typically within 5 working days
    Maintenance Plan 4 clock hours, 8 and 12 working hours, remote monitoring
    Warranty 36 months (extended available)

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