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Matt-E are British manufacturers of single and three phase voltage optimisers and energy saving solutions including:

  • Domestic 1-phase Voltage Optimisers: 60 and 100A single phase.
  • Commercial 3-phase Voltage Optimisers: 63, 100, 200, 250 and 400A three phase.
  • Solar PV+ Optimisers: increase the amount of total power available from a solar PV system by preventing the solar inverter from going into over-voltage protection mode when the mains voltage available rises above 246Vac.
  • PV Direct Connect Connection Centres: have a metal case and are complaint to BS 7671:2008 Amendment 3. PV Direct Connect products are designed to simplify and reduce installation times, built-in generation meters, 35mm2 terminals, 100A mains switch and double pole 16A RCBO breaker. The PVM-CC-BATT is specifically designed for solar PV and energy storage systems and allows the connected storage batteries to be charged from the mains supply during off-peak tariff periods.

For more information on Matt-e voltage optimisers and their energy saving solutions please click one of the products below or contact the Eco Power Projects team to book a FREE site survey on 0800 612 7388. Our services also include electrical installation.

Voltage Optimisation and Solar PV Systems

Solar PV systems generate an AC output through a solar inverter. In order to export their generated electricity to the National Grid, the solar inverter’s AC output voltage must be higher than the grid voltage. This also means that the AC voltage available to power systems within the same building/home is also higher than the actual grid voltage.

Installing a Matt-E voltage optimiser as part of a solar PV installation reduces the voltage supplied to systems within the building, reduces energy wastage and speeds up the potential Return on Investment (ROI).

The Matt-e Accendo single phase B60PVM is a voltage optimiser designed for installation with a solar PV system. The unit has a dedicated 16A PV supply double pole RCBO and MID approved generation meter, providing a single connection point that saves costs, space and installation time.

Solar PV Inverter Optimisation

The PV+ is a Matt-e product that increases the operating range of solar inverters in a solar PV installation when the mains voltage rises above 246Vac. A solar inverter has to generate an AC output at a higher voltage than the mains supply. When mains power reaches 246Vac a solar PV inverter will go into shutdown mode to protect itself. The installation of a PV+ reduces the mains supply voltage using optimisation.

Hybrid Solar PV with Battery Storage Connection Centre

The PVM-CC-Batt simplifies connection when a battery energy storage system is installed with a solar PV system and allows the batteries to be charged at off-peak rates without risk to any Feed-In-Tariffs (FIT). This is especially useful during winter periods (October to March) when the solar power generated may not be sufficient to cover the building base load and/or charge the batteries.