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24/7 reliance on telecommunications requires an effective approach to critical power protection in order to ensure uptime and system availability. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) networks can include a wide range of operators, facilities and IT systems including mobile operators, internet service providers and broadcasters. Whomever is affected by a power cut, the underlying need is for long duration runtimes to ensure system availability including switching centres, data centres and even remote mobile base stations.

At EcoPowerSupplies we can ensure your telecoms and mobile applications receive the right level and quality of power protection to keep them running, even during a mains power supply failure. In addition to a wide range of uninterruptible power supplies up to 6MVA, we also supply standby power generators for critical power loads, fuel cells for remote base station continuous running, energy storage devices and lightning or surge protection. As UK-based specialists in power protection, renewable power and energy management we can keep your mobile and telecoms applications running and save energy costs.

EcoPowerSupplies Telecoms UPS Range

We have installed thousands of batteries and know what it takes to deliver a reliable extended runtime backup power solution. We survey every client as part of our ISO9001 quality management system and know which aspects of our products and services are clients rate the highest for telecoms applications:

  1. A comprehensive extended runtime UPS range with runtime periods from several minutes up to and over 8 hours in duration.
  2. Experienced generator installations team to provide additional resilience and 24-48hour fuel tank supported generating sets.
  3. Manufacturer independence so that we are not tied to any single UPS manufacturer and recommend the right solution for any application.
  4. Next day despatch from strategically located stores with working day and weekend delivery options.
  5. Competitive pricing for UPS systems, generators, batteries and installations services with free ‘turn-key’ project management.
  6. Fast response maintenance contracts with annual battery testing discounted future battery replacement costs.

For more information on all the uninterruptible power supplies available from EcoPowerSupplies see our UPS Systems collection. This splits several hundred products available by size, phase, format and technology. Other UPS ranges include: telecoms UPS range and extended runtime UPS.

If you need further advice or guidance for your telecoms UPS system please contact the Eco Power Projects team on 0800 612 7388, email us or complete our enquiry form.

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Other power protection solutions that could be useful within a telecoms application include: