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Modular UPS Systems

Modular UPS allow you to right-size your uninterruptible power supplies for your current load and resilient level requirements and prepare for future expansion at a later date.

The Modular UPS sytems from EcoPowerSupplies are high efficiency systems achieving 96% or greater efficiency. They can also be run in Eco Mode and have energy saving characteristics including module hibernation (at low load) and battery charger disconnect. Compared to traditional Mono-block uninterruptible power supplies, the other advantages for modular systems include: a compact footprint and floor space saving for comms rooms and datacentre environments, right-sized battery packs, reduced service times and maintenance contract prices.

When planning a Modular UPS the first step is to select a frame size to meet your current and expansion needs and ensure that surrounding electrical switchgear is suitably sized. The frame size will incorporate a suitably sized static switch and maintenance bypass arrangement and allow future UPS modules to be added a later date. The smallest UPS modular system supplied by EcoPowerSupplies runs from 25kVA/20kW (Unity Power Factor rated) and can be extended to 1MVA total capacity or in an N+X configuration. For each of the Modular UPS systems we offer we have provided sizing tables at the end of this page.

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ManufacturerModular Range
Eaton93PM UPS
RielloMulti Power UPS

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Huawei UPS5000E VIdeo

Huawei modular UPS systems are featured on the Carbon Trust’s Energy Technology List, providing tax incentives for organisations who invest in a high efficiency Huawei uninterruptible power supply.


Modular systems tend to be more expensive than standalone transformerless ‘mono block’ UPS systems. Their application is limited to the small to medium-sized data centres requiring a modular format, compact footprint, three-phase UPS system.

Whilst modular UPS offer benefits in terms of system expansion and scalability, care has to be taken when connecting or removing UPS modules form the central UPS cabinet. UPS modules should be pretested following delivery if shipped as part of an emergency swap-out to ensure there is not internal damage that could lead to a system short.

Eaton 93M System (30kW-200kW)

The Eaton 93PM is a three-phase modular UPS system. The smallest module is 30kW and systems can be expanded from 40kW upwards into an existing cabinet, right-sized from day one of installation with the appropriately rated cabinet static switch. These can be 100kW (100), 150kW (150) or 200kW (200).

  • 1×30kW = 30kW
  • 2×40kW = 80kW
  • 2×50kW = 100kW
  • 3×40kW = 120kW
  • 3×50kW = 150kW
  • 4×40kW = 160kW
  • 4×50kW = 200kW
ModelModulesParallelN+1ExpansionMax Internal Runtime
P-105000007-028140kW1 available15m
P-105000007-040150kW1 available10m

Additional battery extension cabinets can be added to provide further runtime.

For more information see the Eaton 93PM UPS range.

Huawei UPS5000E System (40kW-480kW)

Typical configurations for the Huawei Modular UPS5000E include:

UPS5000-E-125K-F125250kW/kVA or 25kW/kVA (N+1)3×25kW
UPS5000-E-125K-F125375kW/kVA or 50kW/kVA (N+1)2×25kW
UPS5000-E-125K-F1254100kW/kVA or 75kW/kVA (N+1)1×25kW
UPS5000-E-125K-F1255125kW/kVA or 100kW/kVA (N+1)
UPS5000-E-120K-F120280kW/kVA or 40kW/kVA (N+1)1×40kW
UPS5000-E-120K-F1203120kW/kVA or 80kW/kVA (N+1)
UPS5000-E-200K-F2004160kW/kVA or 120kW/kVA (N+1)4×40kW
UPS5000-E-200K-F2005200kW/kVA or 160kW/kVA (N+1)3×40kW
UPS5000-E-320K-F3206240kW/kVA or 200kW/kVA (N+1)2×40kW
UPS5000-E-320K-F3207280kW/kVA or 240kW/kVA (N+1)1×40kW
UPS5000-E-320K-F3208320kW/kVA or 280kW/kVA (N+1)
UPS5000-E-480K-F3609360kW/kVA or 320kW/kVA (N+1)3×40kW
UPS5000-E-480K-F40010400kW/kVA or 360kW/kVA (N+1)2×40kW
UPS5000-E-480K-F44011440kW/kVA or 400kW/kVA (N+1)1×40kW
UPS5000-E-480K-F48012480kW/kVA or 440kW/kVA (N+1)

UPS50000E frames/cabinets can also be paralleled: 2xUPS5000-E-480K-F480 = 960kVA/960kW when fully loaded.

Riello Multi Power System (42kW-294kW)

Power Cabinet142kW/42kVA6×42kW
Power Cabinet284kW/84kVA5×42kW
Power Cabinet3126kW/126kVA4×42kW
Power Cabinet4168kW/168kVA3×42kW
Power Cabinet5210kW/210kVA2×42kW
Power Cabinet6252kW/252kVA1×42kW
Power Cabinet7294kW/294kVA
Combo Cabinet142kW/42kVA6×42kW
Combo Cabinet284kW/84kVA5×42kW
Combo Cabinet3126kW/126kVA4×42kW

In the Riello Multi Power modular UPS range the cabinets include a Power Cabinet for just power modules and a Combo Cabinet which can house both modules and an internal battery.