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Most corporate, commercial and administrative offices run a mixture of IT systems providing data processing and telecoms services, from accounting to stock control, sales and marketing to service operations and call centres. IT systems are vital to the provision of these services, supporting 24-7 operations, instant access to on-demand services, internet-based communications, website information, online shopping and client portals. Whether based on-site or run through off-site data centres and cloud computing, such systems require the highest levels of power protection.

Office-based IT systems requiring power protection can include: network servers, telephone systems (run as a standalone or a software-based application on a server), desktop PCs, printers, hubs, routers and ADSL (broadband) gateways. How to provide protection for these systems depends on their distribution around the office. A central file server can be protected with a single on-line or line interactive UPS system, which can be floor standing or rack mounted. Alternatively, for IT systems spread over a larger office or multiple office area, a distributed power protection plan may be more appropriate with individual standby or line interactive UPS systems for each desktop PC and a line interactive or on-line UPS for any servers and their associated peripherals. To fully protect the server, a UPS monitoring and shutdown package could be installed to close the server down in an orderly manner when the UPS battery is exhausted.

UPS Systems for LANs and Cloud-based Computing

Uninterruptible power supplies to protect network and cloud servers can be tower or rack mount formats with extended runtime and IP-network SNMP interfaces options. UPS sizes could range up to 5kVA or greater depending on the server size with larger UPS being used to protect server racks containing several servers. Our aim is to make power protection as easy and as simple as possible. As part of our ISO9001 approach to continuous improvement we survey every client post sale to find out why they chose EcoPowerSupplies. For the size of uninterruptible power supply used in a network IT application here are the top six reasons:

  1. Network UPS range with a comprehensive range of technologies, installation formats (form factors) and runtime options.
  2. Excellent UPS monitoring support with a range of slot-in UPS cards and software packages with on-line installation support.
  3. Manufacturer independence to ensure the right solution was specified and delivered for the application.
  4. Logistics arrangements with the kit delivered and sited exactly where the client needed it.
  5. Electrical installation including extra cabling, automatic transfer switches and PDUs to ensure all the kit could be easily connected.
  6. Three year UPS warranty as standard with discounted future battery replacement costs.

For more information on all the uninterruptible power supplies available from EcoPowerSupplies see our UPS Systems range. This splits several hundred products available by size, phase, format and technology. We would also recommend looking at our Network UPS systems range. If you need help sizing your system please refer to our UPS Sizing Guide.

If you need further advice or guidance for your IT network power solutions please contact the Eco Power Projects team on 0800 612 7388, email us or complete our enquiry form.

Other power protection solutions for network IT and office environments include: