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Uninterruptible power supplies for desktop and network PCs, retail EPoS terminals, network peripherals and small file servers, up to 1500VA (1.5kVA) in size. These small UPS are simply to install, with an IEC input socket and mains lead, and IEC output sockets or as in the case of the Riello iPlug with UK-style sockets. They have an integral battery which may be user-replaceable at end-of-life (typical battery life is 3-5 years) and are an ideal fit and forget power solution for small but critical applications including PCs and small file servers. Assuming 250VA for a small PC or 300W for a server, the following table provides some guidance on which UPS size to select.

UPS SizePCsServers

To select the right UPS for a long back-up runtime see our Extended Runtime UPS collection. For more information see our UPS system technologies page to learn more about the types of UPS on this page.

These UPS systems can also be used to protect IT accessories such as modems and routers, Electronics Point of Sale (EPoS) terminals, small home office (SoHo) systems, Hi-Fis and satellite receivers. In terms of power protection and solving power problems, these small UPS provide protection from spikes, sags, surges, brownouts and electrical noise, as well as complete mains power failures. At the end of their working life, batteries can be replaced through the EcoPowerSupplies service team who can also provide an Eco-friendly disposal service.

Contact the Eco Power Projects team for assistance or to discuss our trade-in service.

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Power Protection Notes For PC and Smaller Server Applications

These UPS are classed as plug and play solutions. The battery runtime they provide is load dependent and can only be extended by reducing the amount of load on the UPS itself or oversizing the UPS for the application. EcoPowerSupplies can provide a runtime estimate if required and users can generally see this if they connect the UPS monitoring software generally provided free of charge with each UPS system.

In terms of UPS topology the UPS type will be specified with each product’s specification table. The UPS within the PC and Small Server collection will generally be of the standby or line interactive topology