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 Power Distribution Units

Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Power Distribution Units (also known as PDUs or power strips) are fitted with output sockets and a mains power connection. They can be supplied in a number of output socket and mains power supply plug combinations and range from basic power strips to advanced power distribution units with advanced metering, remote monitoring and individual and grouped socket control. The PDUs within this collection include some that can be wall mounted or installed horizontally within server cabinets. The majority (more than 480mm in length) are designed for vertical installations.

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The range of PDUs from EcoPowerSupplies is extensive and runs from basic entry level PDUs (some with an upgrade option) to intelligent units with metering, outlet metering and outlet switching - see the table below.

Basic PDUs
--Outlets in a horizontal or vertical strip
  • StructureSource
Filtered Basic PDUs
--with filtered outlets
Metered PDUs
PDU level-with PDU level/Branch Circuit IP monitoring
Advanced Metered PDUsPDU/Outlet level-with individual outlet and PDU level/Branch Circuit IP monitoring
Switched PDUs
PDU level
Outlet level
with individual outlet switching and PDU level/Branch Circuit IP monitoring
Intelligent PDUs
PDU/Outlet level
Outlet levelwith individual outlet switching and individual outlet IP monitoring and PDU level/Branch Circuit IP monitoring
In-line PDUs / Retrofit Solutions

PDU level-to upgrade an existing installation to give power and energy monitoring

Power Splitter Boxes take a three phase or single phase AC power source such as a mains power supply or UPS or standby generator output and split this into a number of socket outlets.

Power Transfer Switches include ATS and STS switches and provide a way to power a connected load or distribution unit from two AC power sources: two UPS systems or two AC mains power supplies or a combination of both.

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Built-To Order PDUs

Bespole Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are available from EcoPowerSupplies with 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 or 20 sockets and outlets including: UK BS1363, IEC320, Schuko, French sockets, C13 and C19.

Other options include: mains power connection plugs, a digital current ammeter, a digital powered metered (displaying: Power, Volts, Amps, kW/hr, Power Factor Readings with a 2% accuracy) and Ethernet power monitor.