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Power continuity planning is becoming an executive-agenda topic for many organisations. Not only is it vital to keep mission critical IT services running. The UK has now entered a period where its grid electrical reserve is less than 2% with a high winter probability for both planned (STOR-program) and sporadic power cuts that will impact UK business and public sector operations.

Total Project Management

At EcoPowerSupplies we have built an enviable reputation for the design, implementation and maintenance of power continuity plans. Our client list is testament to this and demonstrates that we continue to deliver outstanding projects that protect our clients, on time and to budget.

Put simply we make the entire process easy. Our team includes highly trained and experienced power protection specialists to design, install and manage your site-specific power continuity plan. They give you one point of contact as a ‘bought-in’ project manager and power consultant who speaks the language of our industry, knows its stress points and can liaise cross-functionally with a range of suppliers, facilities and utility companies to deliver a complete ‘turn-key’ solution for you.

It’s also a free service. Simply call us on 0800 612 7388 or complete our enquiry form to book your site survey.

Turn-key Power Solution Projects

A turnkey solution is by its very nature bespoke. This is what we design and propose. A power continuity solution that has been designed specifically for your organisation, to protect it from mains power problems and perform the required role within your business continuity plan.

We have supply arrangements with all the main manufacturers, certified UPS engineers and our own in-house engineering facilities for switchgear, maintenance bypasses, cabinet design and customisation. Our project managers include electrical/mechanical engineers and certified electricians. The whole process is managed by us, whether in the UK or overseas.

Put simply, we keep systems running for as long as you need them to run. We set-up remote monitoring and automated system shutdowns. We train your operational teams and perform regular preventative maintenance to keep your backup power systems operational.

Bespoke Power Protection Solutions

No two sites have the same types of power problem and operational needs. As a manufacturer independent company, EcoPowerSupplies is free to select the right uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and back-up power solution. 

Our UPS systems from Riello, Eaton, Huawei and Schneider/APC include the very latest energy saving high efficiency single and three phase, monoblock, modular, tower and rack mount systems up to 6MVA. We install UPS systems for any application project including: IT, datacentres, telecoms, retail, financial, medical, marine, military and industrial with backup generators, static transfer switches, PDUs and switchgear.

Our 10 Step Power Continuity Planning Process

No other power protection company offers the flexibility that comes with EcoPowerSupplies. We work hard to get things right for you, first time and to budget.

Our service portfolio has developed over the years to provide a comprehensive package from initial site surveys to electrical installation, battery testing and on-going maintenance. Each service can also be deployed as a standalone package allowing us to support new builds and existing facilities including third-party supplied systems.

From the initial site visit and survey we gather the data necessary to develop a site specific Power Continuity Plan for you, with a detailed quotation, drawings, modelling and implementation timetable. The complete process involves:

  1. Site survey: a site visit is paramount to understanding your needs and the actual environment, organisation, people and processes involved and to identify any potential single-points of failure. During the visit we complete a comprehensive checklist to covering all aspects of the project including: availability, load planning and profile analysis, electrical switchgear and wiring assessment, power quality issues, energy efficiency targets, environment and space restrictions, financial budget, total cost of ownership (TCO) projections, time frames, supply chain and order process.
  2. Solution design: from the survey our team can plan for a power solution that will meet your needs today and planned expansion. Different clients have different needs and we design a solution to meet and/or exceed them within their budgets. Our extensive UPS range allows us to cater for all expectations including: N+ parallel resilience, scalability, modular expansion, runtimes from minutes up to 24 hours, galvanic isolation, weather-proof enclosures, custom designed switchgear, bypass and power distribution.
  3. Electrical planning (AC and DC): once we know the size of application and potential power solution, our engineers can work on the electrical design. From the survey, they the existing electrical infrastructure for compatibility. This includes matching to existing distribution points, fault-clearance, breaker and cable sizes for the power requirements of the proposed UPS to be proposed and planning downstream electrical power distribution to your loads. Any additional electrical works are included to give a fixed priced project.
  4. Logistics planning: not all deliveries take place to ground floor sites over level ground. Even a slight ramp or incline can hamper a system delivery weighing several tons. Our project managers ensure all delivery aspects are covered and can liaise with the necessary authorities and suppliers for parking permits, road closures, crane operation and any building alterations required.
  5. On-site electrical works: having our own electrical contracting team means that we manage the complete process. Prior to attending site, our electrical team liaises with our site project manager to review drawings, bills of material and project timetables, permit requirements, risk assessments and method statements.
  6. On-site battery builds: our electrical engineers are trained in AC and DC works. They same electrical team will build the battery set on site if required including all electrical wiring and terminations, fusing and connection to the UPS system. The team can also test the batteries to provide a conductance baseline for future battery testing, allowing greater control over planned future replacement timeframes.
  7. Commissioning and handover: our engineers follow manufacturer specific checklists and complete the necessary electrical and commissioning certificates. Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) to a client specific program is completed as required including load bank testing. Training is also provided for on-site personnel with information documentation and labels provided for alarm response and maintenance call-out. Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) can also be arranged as required.
  8. IT network integration and remote monitoring: during installation the EcoPowerSupplies team will connect to any local IP point for SNMP and remote site monitoring. The team can also liaise with local IT services to ensure the new power solution can be accessed on the network. Software experience covers SNMP, https access, DCIM and UPS manufacturer specific. For remote sites or clients who want additional SMS and email alerts sent to a distribution list if an alarm condition occurs.
  9. Maintenance contracts: every system supplied by EcoPowerSupplies comes with a comprehensive warranty and access to our 24/7 support team. A contract is issued post installation providing comprehensive details on the service level set-up for the installed system. The standard contracts include 4-clock hour, 8 or 12 working hour emergency responses and an annual preventative maintenance visit. Options include an additional maintenance visit (6 monthly), battery testing, load bank testing and spares kits.
  10. Project review: we review every project in-house and with our clients to look for opportunities for continuous improvement. Clients are asked to complete a post-installation survey during which they can rate all aspects of our project management capabilities.

At EcoPowerSupplies we have built our experience and systems from completing hundreds of power installations and catering for almost every eventuality. We are more than happy to provide references and case studies to demonstrate how we have solved power problems and delivered resilient power continuity plans.

For more information see our recent Client Projects List or explore the typical applications we provide power solutions for below. Within each application we provide an overview on our approach and some typical product solutions.

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