Power Protection Systems Surveys

Power Protection Surveys

We provide Free power protection system surveys across the UK and Eire for sites looking to plan for new or upgrade existing power protection installations.

Our power protection surveys can be booked on-line using our Enquiry Form or you can simply call or email our Power Protection Specialists to arrange a convenient date and time. The Power Protection Survey is useful for the following type of installations:

  • New UPS or Generator installations
  • New Voltage Optimiser installations
  • New Voltage Stabiliser installations

Other surveys and audits available from EcoPowerSupplies include:

New Power Protection Solutions Installations and Upgrades

Most site surveys typically last around 1-2 hours depending on the size of the installation. From the site survey we can then generate a complete project quotation for client review and further discussion. Our aims during the survey are to:

  • Assess the load size and electrical profile
  • Review the physical location and environment
  • Assess existing switchgear and electrical works
  • Plan the delivery route and logistics arrangements
  • Discuss software and BMS monitoring requirements
  • Review Health & Safety and Environmental Management impacts
  • Discuss ongoing maintenance and technical support requirements
  • Assess a general program of works and preferred installation timeframe

Server Power Audits and Load Calculations

Server Power Audits

To calculate the load accurately our Power Protection Consultants can either measure the total electrical current draw from the most appropriate electrical distribution point using an RMS meter or measure individual current draws using a handheld iMeter monitoring device that clamps onto individual IT load (PCs, servers, routers) power cords. This information can then be reviewed against the data (if available) from any in-situ PDUs, DCIM or SNMP management software.

View our Power Audit Kit Datasheet

Trade-Ins and Upgrades

As part of the project we can remove existing UPS, generators and batteries for refurbishment or eco-friendly disposal in our recycling centre.

To perform the Power Quality Survey, we use mains monitors and data loggers supplied by EcoPowerSupplies. These can also be purchased for fixed installations.

Scope of Works

The following schedule is typically adopted for most surveys but each site and circumstances can be unique.

  • Identify and agree connection point(s): LV incomer busbars, submetering points, distribution panels, in-rack PDUs and/or server/IT power cables
  • Install mains monitoring and data logging equipment for the measurement period (typically 24hours, over a 7day period)
  • Disconnect and remove equipment and loggers
  • Download data for analysis and reporting
  • Issue report and recommendations

Additional works may include: load bank testing, temporary power supplies and thermal imaging.

Timeframes and Costs

At EcoPowerSupplies our goal is to respond to site visit requests within 24hours and to fix a time and date for the site visit. The surveys and connection/disconnection of metering and data logging equipment should take place during normal working hours but provision can be made for this as an out-of-hours service. All services are provided free-of-charge for normal working hours work and if the site location is covered by our service network with engineering availability.

Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS)

All EcoPowerSupplies all surveys are performed under a generic Risk Assessment and Method Statement. When conducting the Survey our engineers will perform the works based on the generic RAMS and will assess all work stages in terms of safety and applicability to the site and survey in question. Site-specific RAMS can be made available upon request.

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