Power Quality Audits

Power Quality Site Surveys

The Power Quality Audit from EcoPowerSupplies provides a complete monitoring service for building mains power supplies. The service can be used to provide an instant overview or an historical record built up over several days (typically a one week hire or longer). The survey can be booked on-line using our Enquiry Form or you can simply call or email our Power and Energy Consultants to arrange a convenient date and time. The EcoPowerSupplies Power Quality Audit will:

  • Identify site-specific power problems including harmonics, flicker, sags, surges, brownouts, transient and overall mains voltage and frequency levels
  • Confirm electricity supply voltage levels and frequency
  • Identify building and load power factors
  • Confirm supply ratings and load levels
  • Identify load balancing improvements and potential for energy saving

The Power Quality Audit service from EcoPowerSupplies can help to improve overall energy efficiency and identify the types of power problems that can lead to erratic system operation, hot-spots and premature component failure. The service can help to identify poor power factors, harmonic pollution and assist with G5/4 assessments. Upon completion of the audit clients receive a clear report identifying all the parameters measured with detailed data findings, tables and graphs (where appropriate).

To perform the Power Quality Audit service, we use mains monitors and data loggers supplied by EcoPowerSupplies. These can also be purchased for fixed installations.

Power Quality Service Scope of Works

The following schedule is typically adopted but each site can be unique due to site practices, access and working time restrictions.

  • A ‘Kick-off’ meeting and site walk through to gain an understanding of the site and project
  • Identify and agree connection point(s): Point of Common Coupling (PCC) for G5/4, LV incomer busbars, submetering points, distribution panels, in-rack PDUs and/or server/IT power cables
  • Take initial readings and/or install mains monitoring and data logging equipment for the measurement period (typically 24hours, over a 7day period)
  • Disconnect and remove equipment and loggers
  • Download data for analysis and reporting
  • Issue report and recommendations

Additional works may include: load bank testing, temporary power supplies and thermal imaging.

Timeframes and Costs

At EcoPowerSupplies our goal is to respond to site visit requests within 24hours and to fix a time and date for the site visit. The surveys and connection/disconnection of metering and data logging equipment should take place during normal working hours but provision can be made for this as an out-of-hours service. All meetings are provided free-of-charge for normal working hours work and if the site location is covered by our service network with engineering availability. A full quotation will be provided for the monitoring period if charges are to be incurred.

Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS)

All EcoPowerSupplies Surveys are performed under a generic Risk Assessment and Method Statement. When conducting the Power Quality Audit our engineers will perform the works based on the generic RAMS and will assess all work stages in terms of safety and applicability to the site and survey in question. Site-specific RAMS can be made available upon request.

Other surveys and audits available from EcoPowerSupplies include:

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