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Power Transformers to 3MVA

The power transformers supplied by EcoPowerSupplies are manufacture with either copper or aluminium windings (depending on power rating and project specifications) and a magnetic core created from thin magnetic steel sheets in order to reduce operational losses. The isolation material used between the core and the windings is chosen based on the required insulation class. During manufacture the transformer body is clamped and locked using plates and vertical tie rods before being immersed for impregnation in a polyester resin (with a low environmental impact) and then baked to achieve the required specification and electrical performance.

During manufacture the transformers are subject to frequent quality controls and testing to guarantee compliance with EN60076 and the customer specification. Factory witness testing is also available. Custom transformers are available with options including temperature class (B, F, H and up to 200degrees Centigrade), multiple windings, regulating taps, vector groups and terminations. The transformers can be supplied on an open frame or housed in a metal enclosure to IP21 or higher. Additional accessories include multiple shields for increased protection, surge protection devices (SPDs) for over voltage and lightning protection, automatic circuit breaker load protection, isolation controller and PT100 thermocouple and temperature control unit.
EcoPowerSupplies provides a wide range for power control transformers for projects and OEM supply through its European manufacturing facilities and partnership with Ortea srl. The power transformer range includes:

  • Isolation transformers
  • Non-linear load transformers
  • UPS transformers
  • Rectifier transformers
  • Photovoltaic application transformers
  • General purpose transformers
  • Reactors

A brief summary of the power transformers available from EcoPowerSupplies is shown below.

Isolation Transformers

Isolation transformers provide Galvanic separation between the mains power primary transformer winding and the secondary output winding. Our isolation transformers are manufactured with an electrostatic shield between the primary and secondary transformer windings for electrical noise (common and series mode) attenuation to the discharge voltage surge currents to earth (ground). The transformers are wound in a Delta/Star or Delta/Zigzag configuration (with a neutral point) for protection from Third and Triplen harmonics.

Non-linear Load Transformers

K-rated transformers are a type of isolation transformer specifically designed for non-linear loads and the high levels of harmonic distortion they generate. Typical non-linear loads include computers, servers, variable speed drives, inverters, welding and industrial equipment. The harmonics generated by non-linear loads result in increased current absorption, heat generation and higher energy losses.

The K-factor indicates how much harmonic distortion the transformer is rate for. The higher the K-number, the higher the harmonic content the transformer can withstand without damage or specification loss. K-rated transformers do not cancel out harmonics (including Third and Triplen harmonics). They are only rated to withstand them. To remove harmonic problems additional filtering is required. K-factor profiles include:

  • K1: resistance heaters, motors, control and distribution transformers
  • K4: welding equipment, induction heaters, fluorescent lighting, static controls
  • K13: telecoms systems
  • K20: datacentrers, servers, PCs, variable speed drives

UPS Transformers

Transformer-based UPS use transformers within their AC/DC and DC/AC conversion and rectification assemblies. The transformers are custom designed to suit the UPS specification and requirements and their electrical properties and mechanical characteristics matched.

Rectifiers Transformers

Rectifiers convert an AC voltage into a DC voltage. The transformer in such an application is a bespoke design and configurations can include: three-phase bridge, six-pulse or twelve-pulse. Typical rectifier applications including high amperage industrial manufacturing systems such as zinc-plating plants.

Photovoltaic Application Transformers

These are a type of isolation transformer specifically designed for PV installations requiring a very high operating efficiency and minimal losses. High efficiency transformers such as these help to increase overall system efficiency and therefore lower losses from the electricity generated from the solar PV array.

General Purpose Transformers

Bespoke transformers can also be supplied. These include general purpose distribution transformers for industrial plants that reduce the incoming mains power supply voltage to the level and number of phases required.


Reactor transformers can be designed for a wide range of applications including single and three phase, indoor and outdoor installations. The reactors can be supplied with magnetic or air cores, medium voltage insertion, medium voltage choking inductors, tuning reactors, smoothing inductors, blocking reactors and current limiting reactors. Insulation classes include: 3.6kV, 72.kV, 17.5kV, 24kV and 36kV. All reactors are built to EN60076.

For more information or to discuss a specific power transformer enquiry please contact the Eco Power Projects team. We can receive drawings and design documents via Dropbox.com for inclusion into our 3D-CAD system.