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Powerxplorer PX5 Power Quality Analysers

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  • PowerXplorer PX5 Power Quality Analysers have an easy-to-navigate, colour graphical user interface. With high-speed sampling and data capture (1 microsecond/channel), this 8-channel power monitor simultaneously captures and characterises hundreds of parameters, using a range of standard and customisable operating modes. The unique measurement capabilities of the PowerXplorer power analyser include the capture of low-medium-high frequency transients through peak, waveshape, rms duration and adaptive high-speed sampling, as well as power measurements to clearly characterise non-sinusoidal and unbalanced systems.

    PowerXplorer users can select from several data displays including: phasors,waveforms, meters and harmonic spectrums, as well as recording options that include continuous monitoring or report-by exception, and AC and DC measurements for events lasting from a microsecond to an hour. Information presentation options range from quality-of-supply, statistical and trending to the PowerXplorer’s unique annunciator “report card” that provides instant classification of events. Remote communications options include RS-232, Ethernet or USB options to download data for further analysis and reporting within the DRAN-VIEW software.

    Measurements 4 differential inputs, 1-600 Vrms, AC/DC, 0.1% rdg + 0.05% FS, 256 samples/cycle, 16 bit ADC, 4 inputs with CTs 1-6000 Arms CT-dependent, AC/DC, 0.1% rdg + CTs, 256 samples/cycle, 16 bit ADC, 1 MHz High Speed Sampling, 14 bit ADC, Frequency Range, 10 mHz resolution, 15-20 Hz, 45-65 Hz or 350-450 Hz and Phase Lock Loop - Generator tracking, Standard PQ mode
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 203x64x300mm
    Nett Weight 1.9Kg
    Delivery Time Ex stock
    Warranty 12months

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