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EcoPowerSupplies rackmount UPS systems include both 500Dmm and 800Dmm UPS from 500VA in size, with a 1U height and single phase output to 3 phase 30 and 40kVA rackmountable UPS systems.

Each rackmount UPS typically includes an internal battery backup, with extended runtimes available through additional battery extension trays or floor standing units. Other options to consider include: automatic transfer switches, rack mount maintenance bypass switches, remote monitoring connectivity and power distribution units.

To select the right rack UPS system for a long back-up runtime see our Extended Runtime UPS collection. For more information see our UPS system technologies page to learn more about the types of UPS on this page.

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The two most important dimensions for rack mount equipment are their depth and height. The depth is important as this will define whether the equipment can fit into the rack cabinet itself (front to back) and allow sufficient room for cable bends and terminations. The height, measured in U, is known as a Rack Unit / Form Factor. 1U=44mm. 

The standard width for a rack cabinet is 19 and 23 inches. Where a system does not measure the full width, it may have a front plate that does and is screwed to the rack vertical fittings. Any hardware installed into a rack cabinet has to be supported and this can be in the form of slide-out rails or a fitted shelf onto which the equipment is placed. When installing rack mount (and modular) UPS systems attention should be paid to ‘manual handling’ procedures and health & safety best-practices. The appropriate lifting gear should be used for rack UPS systems and battery packs.

As well as offering a range of rackmount UPS systems, EcoPowerSupplies can also provide rack mountable battery packs, UPS maintenance bypasses and static transfer switches and power distribution units (PDUs). As with any mission critical power installation it is important to consider both the supplies to the UPS system and distribution wiring to the loads. In a rack cabinet the server and other IT loads are normally plugged into a local single phase or three phase PDU which is powered from the UPS system or separate UPS maintenance bypass (if installed).

Industrial UPS systems are also available with a more ruggedised format.