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h1. Retail Offices and Distribution Warehouse Power Solutions Resilient power protection within retail environments is crucial to efficient stock management, financial accounting and store security. Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) terminals must be protected from local mains power pollution and this can be best achieved by an under-the-counter wall-mounted or shelf-mounted small UPS system. Collating information from the EPoS terminals, back-office file servers run the stock control management software responsible for keeping shelves stocked, accounts in order and assisting corporate performance monitoring. Here the loads are general small servers, server racks or comms rooms, housing both the IT and telecoms software facilities. For retail chain stores (wether city-based or based out of town), a large electrical demand is placed locally by refrigeration units (and in-store access, security and lighting systems). Local critical power generators are designed to provide standby power when the mains power supply fails and/or to support local UPS systems. Regular preventative maintenance and testing, is vital to the performance of these generators which must be capable of working first time, when called upon to start. Without standby power during a mains power failure, refrigerators will cease to function, fresh and frozen foods will perish and stores will have to close because they can no longer operate safely. h2. Power Solutions from EcoPowerSupplies Retail environments require careful planning to deliver a resilient power protection plan if operational interruption from a power failure is to be avoided. We have completed a number of mission critical projects and these are the top six reasons clients choose to work with EcoPowerSupplies for such projects:
  1. *Extensive power protection knowledge* allowing us to quickly assess a project, deliver and install the right retail sector power solution.
  2. *Flexible planning and installations team* capable of working to defined time slots within a 24/7 retail environment without causing disruption.
  3. *Fast response times* with an extensive service network to provide 2-4 clock hour site response times.
  4. We are *UPS manufacturer independent* and are not tied to any single UPS manufacturer sot that we can recommend the right solution for your retail application.
  5. *24/7 technical support* available by phone and remote support session to help install any UPS monitoring and shutdown software.
  6. *Next day despatch* from strategically located stores with working day and weekend delivery options.
  7. *Three year UPS warranty* as standard with discounted future battery replacement costs.
For more information on all the uninterruptible power supplies available from EcoPowerSupplies see our "UPS Systems collection": This splits several hundred products available by size, phase, format and technology. Below we list a few examples. If you need more advice or guidance for your retail power solutions please contact the Eco Power Projects team on 0800 612 7388, "email us" or complete our "enquiry form":

Energy Managers within retail companies are adopting ISO50001 and other such management processes to reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon footprints and meet Corporate Social Responsibilities. To assist this they are investing in energy management systems and software solutions that can track kWh usage, load profiles and manage these remotely.

Other power protection solutions for use in retail environments include: