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IT forms the backbone communications and information networks of any educational facility and more so at Universities where they can also be used in research to monitor and record results. Often experiments are costly and any loss of power can result in not just the loss of data but also cost thousands of pounds. Within private research laboratories the same implications for system downtime can apply. Research processes can take up to 24hours or more and even during this time any power anomaly can lead to erroneous results.

Scientific Power Solutions from EcoPowerSupplies

EcoPowerSupplies has supplied a number of university research projects and laboratories. Often these sites do not have a local standby generator they can call on for additional support and so the UPS installation has to be completed with a large battery pack, external maintenance bypass and be interfaced via SNMP to the local network. These are the top six reasons that universities and science-based clients have chosen to work with EcoPowerSupplies:

  1. Turn-key project management allowing us to provide a complete service and liaise with a local site electrical contractor
  2. Comprehensive UPS range including stand alone and modular UPS systems for added resilience and future-proof growth
  3. Extensive UPS range for domestic and SOHO UPS applications with socket connection options.
  4. Experienced technical support available by phone and remote support session to help install any UPS monitoring and shutdown software.
  5. Competitive pricing on both product and services using our in-house installation teams to deliver projects to time and budget.
  6. Three year UPS warranty as standard with discounted future battery replacement costs.

For more information on all the uninterruptible power supplies available from EcoPowerSupplies see our UPS Systems collection. This splits several hundred products available by size, phase, format and technology. UPS for universities and research laboratories can be varied in size. Below we list a few examples.

If you need more advice or guidance for your school, collge, university or research laboratory UPS projects please contact the Eco Power Projects team on 0800 612 7388, email us or complete our enquiry form.

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Other power protection solutions for use in retail environments include: