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Site Project Surveys are the key to the design and implementation of a Power Continuity Plan.

At EcoPowerSupplies, these surveys are performed by our project managers. Each is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of UPS and generator sizing and resilience design, environmental matters, delivery (and relocations), electrical installation (including discrimination), battery builds, maintenance bypass arrangements, commissioning, training and on-going maintenance. Typical aspects covered within a site survey include:

  • Load sizing, age and history of the site in terms of power problems
  • Growth and upgrade plans and expectations
  • Resilience levels, efficiency and battery runtime goals
  • Electrical switchgear, supplies and level of resilience required
  • Remote monitoring and connectivity arrangements
  • Provision of standby power arrangements including generators
  • Provision of renewable energy sources and Smart Grid arrangements
  • Site requirements in terms of Health & Safety, security and work permits
  • Logistics, route to planned site, barriers, access times and restrictions
  • Environmental considerations: ambient heat, light, sound and noise
  • Custom requirements for special build and ‘turn-key’ applications
  • ECO removal and disposal of packaging, pallets, cabling and consumables

Here is a selection of the survey and audit services we provider at EcoPowerSupplies:

To book a site projects survey for your installation, please call our Power Projects team on 0800 612 7388, email us or complete a site survey request form. When completing the request form please use the comments box to provide any appropriate site or load-related information.

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To book a UPS Site Survey call 0800 612 7388 or email

We provide our site power surveys free of charge and they can apply to both new installations and existing UPS systems, batteries or generators looking for a health check, upgrade, relocation, removal and disposal. It is normal practice when taking on third-party installed uninterruptible power supplies and generators for one of our maintenance schemes, to survey the site and possibly put the system through a health check, performed by our factory trained service engineering team.