Stock List

Ortea Voltage Optimisers

These voltage optimisers are available on a ‘Try-Before-You-Buy’ offer. If you need more assistance please contact us or see our complete Voltage Optimiser range.

Model Qty
Optipower 100A 1
Optipower 200A 1
Optinet Basic 200A 1
Optinet Plus 300A 1
Optinet Advanced 600A 1
Optinet Basic 800A 1
Optinet Advanced 800A 1
Optinet Advanced 1250A 1

Riello UPS Clearance Stock

We have access to a number of Riello Master UPS MP 100kVA and MP120kVA UPS new, boxed and ready for shipment.

Model Qty
MP100 100kVA 5
MP120 120kVA 5

We can also source a large range of UPS, batteries, solar inverters and generator systems, parts and spares.

Aros Solar Inverters

Certified for the UK these solar inverters are made by Aros Solar Technology, part of the Riello UPS RPS group.

Model Qty
Sirio 1500 1.5kW 2
Sirio 2000 2kW 3
Sirio 2800 2.8kW 1
Sirio 3000 3kW 3
Sirio 4000 4kW 3

SDMO Generators

These SDMO generators are available for call off and delivery within days of order.

Model Qty
T6KM 5kW Generators 2
T9KM 7.8kW Generators
T12KM 10.9kW Generators
T17KM 15.5kW Generators
T25KM 22.7kW Generators
T8K 6.8kVA Generators
T12K 10.5kVA Generators 12
T16K 14.5kVA Generators 1
T22K 20kVA Generators 14
T33K 30kVA Generators 1
T44K 40kVA Generators
J22 20kVA Generators
J33 30kVA Generators 4
J44K 40kVA Generators 2
J66K 60kVA Generators 8
J77K 70kVA Generators 1
J88K 80kVA Generators 2
J110K 100kVA Generators 4
J130K 120kVA Generators
J165K 150kVA Generators
J200K 180kVA Generators 2
J220C2 200kVA Generators 2
J275K 250kVA Generators
J300K 275kVA Generators
V220C2 200kVA Generators 1
V275C2 250kVA Generators 1
V350C2 318kVA Generators 2
V375C2 341kVA Generators
V410C2 375kVA Generators 3
V440C2 400kVA Generators
V500C2 455kVA Generators
V550C2 500kVA Generators 1
V630C2 573kVA Generators 2
V700C2 650kVA Generators 1

For more information please contact us.