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Riello SuperCaps UPS

Riello Super Capacitor UPS

The SuperCaps range from Riello UPS uses super capacitors in place of lead acid batteries to provide a short duration runtime and backup period of 1 to 60 seconds. Super capacitors provide uninterruptible power supplies with an effective stored energy resource to call on when the mains power fails intermittently.

With over 87% of mains power interruptions lasting less than one second, super capacitors provide a more energy efficient back-up power soure than traditional lead acid batteries, at a lower cost and with a reduced overall footprint. Super capacitor UPS systems are ideal in data centres and other applications where there is limited floor space and also remove the need for battery cooling systems as they can operate at the higher temperatures associated with electronic equipment and computer servers.

Riello UPS have designed an innovative super capacitor control and management system for their SuperCaps UPS. This manages the charge/discharge cycle and optimises their working life which can run to a million cycles. Backup runtime is load dependent and is sufficent to ride through most mains power interruption or cover the start-up period of standby generator or the mains power supply is restored.

Super Capacitor benefits include:

  • Clean Energy: an eco-friendly, battery free uninterruptible power supply
  • High Efficiency: with modular expansion for increased power and runtime
  • Long Operating Life: upto 5 to 10 times longer than UPS lead acid batteries
  • High Number of Cycles: upto a million compared to 300-400 for a lead acid battery set
  • Low Maintenance Costs: easy to install and maintain with no battery maintenance required
  • Higher Working Temperature: no need for cooling to 20-25degrees Centrigrade as with UPS batteries
  • Compact Footprint and Low Weight: with no associated battery weights or volumes

For more information download the Riello UPS SuperCaps datasheet or contact the Eco Power Projects team for a quotation, site survey or general technical review.

SuperCaps UPS Models 700VA-120kVA

The Riello Super Capacitor range starts at 700VA upto 120kVA including single and three phase models. Other models may be available in the range built for specific projects and therefore not shown in the table below. Please contact us if you need a different size or backup runtime configuration.

SentinelProSC UPS 700-3000VA

Model Phases VA Watts Runtime Recharge Expandable
SEP700SC 1/1 700 560 16s 15-30m no
SEP1000SC 1/1 1000 800 11s 15-30m yes
SEP1500SC 1/1 1500 1200 7s 15-30m no
SEP3000SC 1/1 3000 2400 11s 15-30m Yes

SentinelPowerSC UPS 6-10kVA

Model Phases kVA kW Runtime Recharge
SPW6000SC 1/1 6 4.8 11s 15-30m
SPT8000SC 1/1 or 3/1 8 6.4 9s 15-30m
SPT10000SC 1/1 or 3/1 10 8 7s 15-30m

MultiSentrySC UPS 10-120kVA

Model Phases kVA kW Runtime Recharge
MST10SC 3/3 10 9 21s 6-8m
MST12SC 3/3 12 10.8 17s 6-8m
MST15SC 3/3 15 13.5 14s 6-8m
MST20SC 3/3 20 18 10s 6-8m
MST30SC 3/3 30 27 14s 6-8m
MST40SC 3/3 40 36 9s 6-8m
MST60SC 3/3 60 54 7s 6-8m
MST80SC 3/3 80 72 15s 6-8m
MST100SC 3/3 100 90 11s 6-8m
MST120SC 3/3 120 108 20s 6-8m