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As an ISO9001 accredited company, we maintain an approved supplier list and will only work with companies who we have audited and certified for use within our supply chain. Our actual ethos goes beyond this because to be best-in-class you have to use the best suppliers and develop collaborative partnerships with them. For EcoPowerSupplies this means selecting brand leaders within the power protection, renewable energy and power management industries and working with their sales, service and technical teams to develop an in-house expertise, knowledge base and processes to ensure a clean installation and guarantee its life-long performance.

Our UPS Manufacturers and Approved Supplier list consists of Partners and Associates. Partners share our commitment to training and excellence and become an integral part of our supply chain. Associates are used less frequently and are often the first stage of approval for use by our company:

  • UPS Manufacturing Partners: who are world-class product and component manufacturers and can offer our clients best-in-class product quality, technology leadership and service leadership.
  • Service Partners: who can match our values for customer service and process innovation and deliver seamless services to our organisation and clients.
  • Associate Companies: again offer high quality and services and are invited to supply us on a project-by-project basis as we require them.

If you would like to supply the EcoPowerSupplies please contact our supply chain management and operations team. For more information click on any of the manufacturers and brands shown below or call our Power Projects team on 0800 612 7388, complete our enquiry form or simply email us.

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