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24/7 Technical Support Helpdesk

At EcoPowerSupplies we run a 24-7 manned technical support line for maintenance contract customers and emergency call outs. Maintenance contract clients are provided with access to a dedicated telephone number for outside working hours contact. During normal working hours our technical support team can be accessed by phone, email or fax.

The IT infrastructure for our technical support team also includes an automated service help desk. Any support call to EcoPowerSupplies is recorded as a ticket within the help desk system. This helps us to manage the high volume of technical enquiries we receive and monitor them for trends to improve our product, process and service quality, and to generate service bulletins for our knowledge databank.

To access our technical support team via email please send your email to:

UPS Maintenance Contracts

Client Portals runs a client portal for customers who wish to order online, access site-specific documentation, service information and our knowledge databank. A client portal can be branded with a client logo, contact and administrator details. Secure access is provided using a combination login of a user name (normally a valid email address) and user specific password.

Client portals can benefit several types of client. The list below is provided for guidance and indication of the level and type of information that can be provided:

  • Consultants and specifiers wanting specific documentation and drawings
  • resellers looking to place orders and manage their accounts on-line
  • Maintenance contract customers requiring access to site specific information

Maintenance contract customers can access information covering:

  • Third-party UPS monitored via Volt-Free Contacts (VFC) and SMS alerts
  • Third-party UPS monitored via SNMP
  • Third-party Generators monitored via Volt-Free Contacts (VFC) and SMS alerts
  • Third-party renewable power and energy management systems monitored via Volt-Free Contacts (VFC) and SMS alerts, SNMP and ModBus
  • Completed service jobs reports
  • The knowledge databank
  • Our technical support and service desk through which to arrange site visits
  • Site documentation for download including operation manuals

For access to our Client Portal, please contact us.