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UPS Installations and Commissioning

The EcoPowerSupplies team includes certified electrical contractors for commercial, industrial and renewable installations and electrical works. Request a Site Survey.

We can therefore provide a complete, in-house, ‘turn-key’ installation package, including full project management, electrical UPS installation by our certified electrical contracting team and commissioning by one of our manufacturer certified engineers.

Our installation and UPS commissioning services include:

  • Electrical Site Power Surveys to assess the existing electrical infrastructure and provide a fully-costed quotation for approval prior to the program of works
  • Electrical Installation including LV switchgear, single and three phase cabling (AC/DC), generator interfaces, network interfaces, UPS bypasses, AC and DC isolators
  • Mechanical installation including base plates and plinths, fixings, footings, pipeworks, fuel tanks, and roof mountings (solar)
  • Battery builds into cabinets, racks or on stands (cladded or uncladded) with associated DC cabling, battery monitoring, auxiliary chargers and circuit-breaker isolation
  • Fuelling services to ensure generator tanks are fuelled for operation and fuel cells are connected to locally stored gas canisters.
  • Load bank testing using portable AC and/or DC load banks with EcoPowerSupplies providing the necessary temporary cables and documenting results and test sheets
  • Commissioning of UPS, generators, renewable energy systems and associated peripherals by factory trained engineers
  • Remote monitoring and software configuration – by prior arrangement
  • Training and System Handover provided onsite. EcoPowerSupplies can also provide training at one of our workshops if required
  • Documentation including O&M manuals, schematics, third-party applications and certificate issue
  • Packaging removal from site including pallets for eco-friendly recycling

Our unified approach provides cost saving and project management efficiency, especially for complex, critical power and renewable energy projects. Our clients can choose one or two of our services or sub-contract the entire project to EcoPowerSupplies. Equally we can work with a site-specific contractor to ensure a clean install and system handover. EcoPowerSupplies provides 24-7 support, with all our services available, by prior arrangement outside normal working hours as required.

For ‘plug n play’ systems, including UPS up to 2kVA, commissioning can generally be performed by the end user. 3kVA UPS may also be ‘’plug n play’ but fitted with a 16A commando type ‘blue’ plug requiring a corresponding industrial socket. Above 3kVA in size and/or if the system is hardwired, commissioning must be made by a factory-trained engineer to guarantee warranty terms. In addition, the electrical connection to hardwired systems (from the system to the mains power supply fused spur or distribution board) must be made by an approved electrical contractor.

For generator installation and commissioning, EcoPowerSupplies works closely with nationwide partners who can provide genset manufacturer-specific knowledge, firmware servicing tools and spare parts. The same approach applies to system refuelling (generators) and connection to specific gas storage systems (fuel cells).

UPS Battery Recycling

UPS Service Prices

Below we list some typical UPS Commissioning, Battery Replacement and Preventative Maintenance Visit services. These can be purchased individually or with a UPS or battery set on our website. The prices are for normal working hours and standard UPS system configurations. Other prices are available on request for UPS up to 800kVA, parallel UPS systems and outside normal working hours and bank holidays.

Please contact us for further information or a specific UPS, DC standby power or energy storage installation price.

UPS Maintenance Contracts

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£ 1036 — £ 1502

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Decommissioning, De-Installation, Relocation, Removal or Recycling

Sometimes it is necessary to move a existing UPS or generator system and at, we provide a complete decommissioning, de-installation and relocation service. If required we can also remove a system from your site to our workshops for repair, refurbishment or recycling.

Warranty Terms

When purchasing any power system it is advisable and recommended to have it installed by certified installers and commissioning engineers. Some UPS manufacturers for example reserve the right to void a system warranty if the system itself is not installed and commissioned by one of their trained and certified engineers.

At EcoPowerSupplies we work with major brand manufacturers and invest in the training of our engineers to ensure we can provide a complete installations and commissioning service. Some manufacturers adopt a ‘closed-protocol’ approach requiring dongles and annually licensed software to complete maintenance programs, upgrade firmware or even tell a system that it has a new battery set. Whilst an ‘open-protocol’ is preferred the critical task is to choose a power protection company with certified engineers and current training and license information.