UPS HealthChecks

UPS Site Surveys

At EcoPowerSupplies we provide a UPS and generator HealthCheck assessment service for clients who want to either take out one of our maintenance plans or simply review the overall health of their UPS or generator system. We can then provide any remedial works to bring your system back to operational readiness.

A UPS or Generator HeathCheck site survey can be booked on-line using our Enquiry Form or you can simply call or email our Power Protection Consultants to arrange a convenient date and time.

At EcoPowerSupplies we are specialists in power protection, renewable power and energy management. Our service network covers the UK and Eire and our engineers are trained to work on a number of leading brands of uninterruptible power supplies and standby generators.

Multi-Brand UPS Services

The UPS HealthCheck service is designed to ensure your UPS system is performing correctly when mains power is present and that its battery can support the load or the specified time. We also look at alarms and logs where applicable to assess the overall running history of the UPS. Specific areas we look at include:

  • Overall UPS Age: a UPS has a typical design life of 10-15 years. During this period the capacitors and fans should typically be changed around year 8 of operation if the system is not suffer a component (capacitor dry-out) or fan failure. If the UPS is more than 5 years old it will be larger and less efficient that a similarly rated more modern system. Often upgrading a legacy UPS to a new system can achieve a fast payback, with a new comprehensive warranty and will be smaller in size – leading to less floor space taken up within a comms room, datacentre or plant room.
  • Battery age: batteries age over time and typically have a 5 or 10 year design life. A 5-year design life battery should be changed in year 3-4 of operation and a 10-year design life battery in years 7-8. This is a recommended guideline but this must also take into account the ambient temperature of the room the UPS is installed within which should be 20-25degrees Centigrade if the battery is to reach this working period. Batteries can be inspected visually to identify signs of ageing including terminal residue, general leaks and case bulging or distortion.
  • Network Management and Alarm Reporting: most legacy systems had limited remote alarm monitoring features. Modern UPS can be more easily network connected via SNMP and incorporated into DCIM and VMware virtualised environments for remote management and reporting. Connection to a remote site monitoring system can also lead to reduce maintenance plan contracts and fast response times.

Additional works may include: load bank testing, temporary power supplies and thermal imaging.

Multi-Brand Generator Services

EcoPowerSupplies provides a similar assessment service through its generator team. Generators do tend to be better maintained than UPS as they must be started 6-monthly to test their sets and starter battery and have refuelling contracts in place. EcoPowerSupplies can provide unified UPS and Generator maintenance contracts on request and provides the HealthCheck service or clients on request.

Most HealtChecks typically last around 1-2 hours depending on the size of the installation. From the survey we can then generate a complete project quotation for remedial works.

Trade-Ins and Upgrades

At EcoPowerSupplies we provide a Trade-in rebate service or clients who want to upgrade to a more energy efficient UPS or generator system. We provide a complete removal and eco-friendly recycling service through our UK service team.

Timeframes and Costs

At EcoPowerSupplies our goal is to respond to UPS or generator HealthCheck requests within 24hours and to fix a time and date for the site visit. The site visits should take place during normal working hours but provision can be made for this as an out-of-hours service. All services are provided free-of-charge for normal working hours work and if the site location is covered by our service network with engineering availability. For Out-Of-Hours work a quote may be required dependent on system size, location and engineer availability.

Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS)

All EcoPowerSupplies Surveys are performed under a generic Risk Assessment and Method Statement. When conducting the Power Protection Survey our engineers will perform the works based on the generic RAMS and will assess all work stages in terms of safety and applicability to the site and survey in question. Site-specific RAMS can be made available upon request.

Other surveys and audits available from EcoPowerSupplies include:

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