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UPS Monitoring Cards and Adapters

UPS monitoring via some form of network or remote monitoring system is vital to ensure that a UPS alarm is never missed. For each of the UPS systems we supply we provide a range of UPS monitoring cards and UPS adapters. Some of these are manufacturer specific and others generic that can be customised to suit the UPS and application. Some of the cards are ‘slot-in’ designed to fit a UPS manufacturer’s system and others are housed in boxes that require a communications cable and sometimes an AC power supply to run.

UPS monitoring adapters allow the UPS to be connected and interface with your local network via SNMP, MODBUS or JBUS, volt-free contacts and other available methods.

EcoPowerSupplies also provide its own complete 24/7 remote monitoring service for UPS and Generators.

For further information on the UPS monitoring cards and adatpers we can provide for interfacing your UPS system into a network or other remote monitoring system please call the Eco Power Projects team on 0800 612 7388, complete an enquiry form form or email us.

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