Battery Disposals, Recycling and UPS Relocations

UPS Recycling and Battery Disposals

The EcoPowerSupplies projects team can help you to plan and complete a range of removals, recycling and disposals. Our team of electrical engineers, UPS technicians and battery specialists allows us to provide a complete logistics, recycling and disposals service including:

  • Battery Removals and Disposals: working on your site our engineers will disconnect and remove the existing battery set from its cabinets or stands. This removals service may be part of a general battery testing and replacement service or disposal of a decommissioned system. The batteries are then either collected directly by our waste approved recycling partners or transferred (under our Environmental Agency Licensed Waste Carrier license) to our own recycling centre for eco-friendly disposal. We can also provide this service for battery extension packs delivered and off-loaded at our service centre.
  • UPS Removals and Recycling: moving your UPS to our recycling centre for strip down and breakdown into its component assemblies. Our engineers then transfer these to our certified waste streams (ISO14001) and specialist approved recycling partners.
  • UPS Relocations: moving your existing uninterruptible power supply from one location or site to another. Our engineers carry out a complete site survey and provide you with the necessary planning documents, project plans, risk assessments and method statements.

UPS and Standby Power System Consumables

Batteries (including Sealed Lead Acid – SLAs and NiCADs) are the primary consumable element within an uninterruptible power supply. They will require replacement during the lifetime of the system. For SLA batteries within a UPS this will typically be within 3-4 or 7-8 year timeframe based on 5-year or 10-year design life batteries respectively. Other consumable components include capacitors and fans. These should typically be replaced as part of a major system overhaul between years 8-10 of operation. All our UPS and battery disposals are carried out in accordance with the relevant WEEE and RoHS guidelines and government regulations.

Trade-In Rebates and Scrap Revenue

EcoPowerSupplies can provide a Trade-in allowance when upgrading an existing on-site UPS system. This is dependent upon the age, condition and operating characteristics of the UPS system and will require a site survey for assessment.

When recycling UPS, standby power systems and batteries, we do recover some monies from the scrap value of certain items. These can be used to off-set the removal and recycling project costs on your behalf or provide to any charity that your organisation supports.

Recycling Documentation

All removals, recycling and disposals are documented within our ISO14001 environmental management system and copies provided to our clients and the relevant authorities for inspection and their own records.

For more information on our UPS and battery recycling, disposals, relocations and trade-ins please call us on 0800 612 7388, email us or complete our enquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you.