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UPS and Generator Relocations

Sometimes the need arises to move an existing generator or UPS relocation to a different part of a site or to a completely new facility. This is a project service provided by the Eco Power Projects team who have over 50 years experience between them when it comes to power protection projects. Our aim for each project is to effect a ‘first time, on time and to budget installation’, every time.

Logistics and Service Planning

Every relocation project is unique but there are often common elements to be reviewed and analysed a part of the planning process. UPS systems may require strip down to remove from an installation and then reconnection on their new site. A typical component to be removed in such circumstances would be a transformer assembly to reduce weight and ease handling. Battery cabinets and racks may also stripped down into their component parts.

We start any UPS logistics and relocation project with a site survey and discussion so that we fully understand any limitations and factors such as time and interface with local operations. The Eco Power Projects team manages the complete process from this initial planning stage to quotation and client acceptance. We also manage any specialist sub-contract services including crane hire and liaise with local authority stakeholders and the authorities if special transportation licenses or road closures are required.

UPS Removals

EcoPowerSupplies also provides a complete UPS and batteries removals and recycling service.

UPS Relocations