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UPS Repairs and Refurbishment Services

EcoPowerSupplies provides a multi-brand repair and refurbishment service through its nationwide service team, factory workshops and UK-based facilities. The services apply to uninterruptible power supplies (UPS systems), generators, DC standby power systems, emergency lighting and standby generators.

Emergency Repairs and Call-outs

The design of modern power protection, renewable power and energy management systems means that repairs can generally be carried out on-site, with a module, PCB or assembly swap-out. Sometimes the entire system itself can be swapped out though this is only typically applied to plug and play systems.

EcoPowerSupplies will always attempt a repair on site for any power system. Our engineers carry crash kits with a wider stock of spares available from our own warehouse facilities and manufacturers stock. Whilst getting spares to site can increase the amount of time a system is down, we always recommend using manufacturer-approved parts to help ensure manufacturers warranty terms are covered and power system performance is not compromised when brought back into service. As part of our repair service, we normally upgrade existing firmware sets to the manufacturerŠ—Ès latest recommendations for the age and system specific configuration.

Where is not possible to repair on site, EcoPowerSupplies can provide two options: (a) decommissioning of the system and removal to one of our factory workshops for inspection, quotation and if economically viable, repair and re-commissioning, (b) system trade-in to a new comparable system.

Our service team is available 24-7 for emergency call-outs. Under our maintenance plans this is provided free-of-charge but is chargeable outside of these. For warranty cover only, the standard warranty response times apply.

For critical sites, EcoPowerSupplies can provide a short-term hire unit. For sites covered by an EcoPowerSupplies maintenance plan, a free hire system may be included.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance forms a cornerstone of any sound maintenance plan for critical power systems. As part of a predefined, manufacturer and system specific checklist, our engineers will inspect a power system for wear and tear (cable brittleness, scorch marks and discolouration), overall physical ageing, including the condition of the batteries (bubbling cases, white deposit on electrodes), fans and filters (dust and noise), capacitors (leakage and cracks) and any other consumables and critical assemblies.

This System Check-up Service is also recommended for third-party legacy systems, where is asked to provide cover through one of its maintenance plans.

System Refurbishments

For system refurbishments a Site Projects Survey is required, This will allow a fully-costed quotation to be generated to investigate the economic viability of refurbishment. Where refurbishment is not viable – which can also be recommended for eco-friendly reasons where NiCad batteries are used – a system trade-in and scrappage allowance may be made.