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Types of UPS Systems and Their Technologies

Uninterruptible Power Supplies are classified according to their design. Each classification identifies how the UPS operates and provides differing levels of power protection.

Each of the types of UPS technology (or topology) provides different degrees of power protection, sometimes called power protection levels. The table below provides some guidance and a summary of their different performance characteristics.

Power Problem Online Line Interactive Standby
Sags/Brownouts yes yes no
Surges yes yes no
Spikes/Transients yes yes yes
Electrical Noise yes yes yes
Harmonics yes no no
Frequency Variations yes no no
Mains Failures yes yes yes

See our UPS Systems Guide for a technical description or our Guide To Sizing UPS to help you size the right uninterruptible power supply for your application.

Alternatively scroll down the page to view UPS systems by topology. For different battery back-up technologies see – SuperCap UPS and flywheel enabled UPS.

We also list UPS in a separate collection if they have an Eco Mode function or are designed specifically for industrial applications and we also list them by discrete size into UPS Size collections for easy reference.

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