Warranty Terms

EcoPowerSupplies warrants each new system sold as per its Sales Terms and Conditions on a back-to-back basis with the warranty periods provided by the manufacturers whose products it sells. This includes products, consumable parts and spares.

UK, Eire and Overseas Warranties

All products are listed showing their UK and Eire warranty on our their individual pages but this can vary for sales outside the UK and Eire and clients are advised to check the table below or contact us for more information.

Extended Warranties and Maintenance Plans

Extended warranties are available for some products as listed below. Maintenance Plans are provided for both inside and outside warranty products and provide a range of additional benefits to the standard warranty including faster response times and preventative maintenance plans.

Warranty Replacement

Should a product require attention or replacement under warranty EcoPowerSupplies will arrange a swap-out or site visit as recommended by the manufacturer.

Warranty Periods

ManufacturerRangesUK and EIreExport
APC Schneider UPSBackUPS and SmartUPS2 years2 years
Borri UPSIngenio, Ingenio+, B8000FXS, B9000FXS3 years inc batteries3 years
CSB BatteriesAll1 year1 year
Eaton UPSEllipse Pro, 5P, 5PX3 years1 year
Eaton UPS3S, Ellipse ECO, 5S, 5130, 7X, 9130, 9SX2 years1 year
Eaton UPS9355, 93PM, 9390, 93951 year1 year
Eaton PDUsAll2 years1 year
Eltek DC SystemsAll1 year1 year
Enlogic PDUsAll2 years2 years
GE Critical Power UPSAll1 year1 year
GEI Battery TestersAll1 year1 year
Huawei UPSUPS2000G, UPS5000A, UPS5000E1-5 years with CoCare1-5 years with CoCare
Jakarta MonitorsAll1 year1 year
Ortea Voltage StabilisersAll2, 15 year magnetics2 years
Power Control UPSB60, B200, B300, B400, B500 and Certa/Certa+ ranges3 years inc batteries3 years
Riello UPSAll3 years1 year
SDMO GeneratorsAll1 year1 year
Sharp Solar PanelsAll1 year1 year
Yuasa BatteriesAll1 year1 year