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Yuasa Batteries

Yuasa Batteries

Yuasa are the world leaders in valve regulated lead acid battery design and manufacture, and have distributors all over the world. Yuasa supplies a wide range of batteries including automotive, commercial, vehicle, leisure and long life endurance batteries for industrial applications. The NP series is one of the most popular and widely used sealed lead acid batteries in standby power applications alongside the Yuasa SWL and EN series batteries.

EcoPowerSupplies are an approved UK supplier for Yuasa’s valve regulated lead acid batteries for use within new UPS installations and as replacement batteries for standby power applications. Other common applications for Yuasa batteries include: Security and Alarm systems, Emergency Energy Lighting systems and OEM electrical equipment.

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Yuasa Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Batteries

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries used within uninterruptible power supply, dc standby power systems and other emergency backup power installations are a critical item and a consumable one.

SLA batteries have a typical design life of 5 or 10 years. Their actual performance and working life is affected by a number of factors including the ambient temperature they are used in and the number of charge/discharge cycles. For a 5 year design life battery, replacement usually occurs in years 3-5 and for a 10 year design life battery, replacement should take place within years 7-8.

Materials Safety Data Sheet

For information relevant to battery storage and transportation see the Yuasa Batteries Material Safety Data Sheet.

UPS Batteries Testing, Replacement and Recycling

EcoPowerSupplies provides a complete on-site battery impedance testing service. This can be applied to battery sets, battery strings and individual battery blocks. Our testing program also includes visual inspection for plastic case buckling, cracks, terminal residue, spillage and other evidence that can indicate a failing or failed battery. EcoPowerSupplies.com can also provide a thermal imaging service to identify hot-spots and this can be suited to very large battery sets.

Any batteries removed from site are disposed of by EcoPowerSupplies.com in an environmentally friendly way into certified waste streams. We hold a UK national waste carriers license and are ISO 14001 certified.